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Home Service

There is no need to disassemble your PC and haul it in for a repair when computer troubles arise. Our technicians deliver prompt, expert, on-site repairs. Whether you want to improve your computer's performance with an upgrade, get annoying malware and viruses under control, install a wireless network or just learn how to use your PC more effectively; one call offers solutions to all of your computer needs.
Business Support

Never trust a retailer with your business computer! We specialize in providing the computer support that is critical for small business to succeed, today. As your "On-Demand IT Team" we deliver prompt, on-site computer services that are convenient and reliable. Our commitment to quality customer service has made us the most respected computer repair and support provider in our service territory.
Computer Repair

We build new computers, so we know how to fix yours. We offer fast returns, tested to guarantee satisfactory operation. Our certified staff is trained to service all major brands of desktop and laptop computers. We inventory parts and software to repair or upgrade most all models.
Malware and Virus Removal

As many as 75% of Internet website administrators struggle to stay current on security patches to protect their visitors (you). Cyber-criminals continue to take advantage of these vulnerabilities, putting your web surfing at risk of infection or fraud. If your computer is running unusually slow or you see alarming pop-up messages on the screen, we can help get your system back to efficient and secure operating condition.
Wired & Wireless Network

Modem and router installations can be confusing and insecure. Improper setup can lead to virus attacks and fraud risk, leaving your family or business employees vulnerable, not to mention possible legal liability. We can help plan the proper equipment and installation for your home or business application. Ask us about the latest whole-home and business wireless products.
Data Backup and Recovery

The first rule of computing is to backup your data. Whether you need a plan to secure your critical data or to recover it from a failed storage drive, our staff has an extensive track record of success. We can assist with local and cloud storage plans to insure your pictures, music and documents are safe at home, and your business records are secure from fraud and virus hacks.